Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I love lists. They organized everything – from food shopping necessities, to the most beautiful people in the world. Since going through Chemo and radiation – I have a hard time remembering things – lists have been like a savior to me. They give me a way to remember things, organize my thoughts, control my life and remember important items that are scattered throughout my mind, on their way to being forgotten. Some people keep journals, diaries, calendars… My lists show me what I have done in my life.

I have a list, hanging on my fridge, of things that I want to accomplish – it has been there for 3 years – it has 15 items on it – I have 6 to go.

I have the list of people who were invited to my wedding, 13 years ago. I used that to create my Christmas card list- which is updated annually, to remove or add people as I choose. I have Christmas card lists dating back 10 years – and I can always go back and see who my circle of friends included at any point in time. I guess you can say, the list lasted longer than my marriage!

I have a list showing the times my ex husband has had with the girls, it helps me see how much time he is actually spending with them – good or bad. I never want to make a blanket statement – like ‘You never see the girls’ or ‘You never pick them up on time’ – without having true facts to back myself up. I like to be sure what I am saying is fact – not my opinion.

I have a list of the qualities that I am looking for in a man. Now, that may sound silly, or obnoxious – but each time that I come home, crying about how some idiot treated me.. I go to my list.. Usually, the idiot does not match up, even a little to my list – and then I feel better – because I know, if he doesn’t make my list – he’s not worth it. Although, I am having a hard time finding someone with number 11 on my list – a cool foreign accent – (British or Australian preferred).

If you have a list – you are in control. Will something get done? Ummm.. I don’t know, is it on the list??

Can I come in? Ummm… I don’t know, are you on the list??

He is so important.. He made the list!!!

Santa has his list

Even Saint Peter has a list (so they say!!)

Top 10 Healthy foods

5 best books to take on vacation

20 Most beautiful people

100 Greatest movies of all time

Our entire lives can be categorized in lists.. here are a few of my favorite personal lists.

Favorite Movies
When Harry Met Sally
The Color Purple
The 40-year old Virgin
Napoleon Dynamite
Silent Movie

Favorite Books
The Shack
Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows
Are you there Vodka, it’s Me Chelsea
Sons & Lovers
Pride & Prejudice

Favorite words

Life Changing Moments
The night my mother died
My first date with my ex husband
The day I finished radiation
The day I found out my father could not afford to send me to college
The day I found out I was pregnant (2 days)

Favorite Songs
Heaven must have sent you
To make you feel my love
Purple Rain
Center Field

Gotta sign off now – I have to make a list of things I will need to get done this weekend – while my ex has the girls… g’day!!!

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